The Explore California Experience


The Explore California Experience

We know that you have a lot of choice when it comes to tour operators these days. Read on to discover some of the things that set us apart, and why we may be the best choice for your perfect vacation!

Small group tours

On an Explore California package tour, the maximum group size is 8 passengers, and the average group size is 5. We believe that traveling with a small group helps you form a better connection to the place you are traveling through. Your guide will be able to get to know you and your fellow travelers as individuals, and help to bring California to life for you all! Meanwhile, you'll enjoy the company of your fellow passengers as you all get to know each other during your tour. Smaller groups also mean a smaller vehicle, which allows us access to places that tour buses often can't or won't go.

a dedicated team of experts

Adam, Kelly, and Mark aren't just guides. They are California residents with a variety of interests and passions, and travel professionals with a keen eye for service. They'll make you feel connected to the places you travel through with a mix of anecdotes, history, and personal stories. They'll make sure you feel comfortable in our vehicles and in your hotels. And if you should have a concern that arises during your tour, they'll make sure you feel valued and heard--a successful trip for you is our top priority!

the 3-day advantage

Our tours combine popular day trips into one connective thread, featuring many of California's "must-see" attractions. We take care of making reservations for tours, securing your tickets, getting you there on time, and all of the other details that can be stressful to manage during your vacation. Some attractions are included in your trip cost, and others are optional add-ons, allowing you flexibility within your itinerary. We also take care of your hotel reservations for the duration of your tour--all you need to do is select the level of accommodation that suits you, and pick up your key when you arrive. We'll even make sure your bags get to your room for you!

balanced itineraries

We believe that the best possible tour offers a mix of travel time, guided exploration, and personal time to do what you'd like. During our trips, you'll find that we know how make sure you feel like you are "seeing it all" without feeling overwhelmed. We believe that time in the day to explore on your own--or even just to relax--is essential to a successful trip, and we build this into all of our itineraries.

our reviews speak for us

Find out what our customers think about their experiences touring with Explore California. Head over to our Reviews and Testimonials to see what they have to say!